The Berenstain Bears’ Easter Sunday


Growing up, I always loved Berenstain Bears books, so I was very happy to receive The Berenstain Bears’ Easter Sunday. I really like the book’s theme; readers see the Berenstains get ready for Easter and go to the Easter church service as they discuss the importance of the day. The end of the book even includes some discussion questions so that kids can reflect on the text. (For example, the third question says, “What does it mean to say that Jesus has risen from the dead?”)

I am a big fan of the “bear world” that the Berenstains created through this series. The drawings in this book (by Mike Berenstain) are very well done, and Berenstain included a lot of detail in his artwork. One of my favorite drawings was when the children hunted for Easter gift boxes. The ornate scenery was full of flowers, greenery, and joyous children searching for their Easter prizes.

The book gives us a slice into the life of this bear family, even showing their quaint house, which is part of a huge tree in Bear Country. Though the children and parents in the book are bears, they are very relatable, and they go through the same trials and triumphs in life as their human readers.

You can read more about the book here.

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