New International Version Big Dreams, Big Prayers Bible for Kids

51xc29dHhLL._SX318_BO1,204,203,200_ (1).jpg

The New International Version Big Dreams Big Prayers Bible for Kids is a complete NIV Bible, with age-appropriate devotionals and prayers. The gender-neutral cover design makes this Bible suited for both girls and boys, and the text is black with occasional teal chapter headings. This edition has interesting features, including “prayer journal” pages at the very end of the book where children are instructed to write prayers to God, as well as answers they received for these prayers. The book also has a nice topical index so that children can find verses on particular subjects.

On the page before each book, the authors give important information about the book, detailing who wrote it, why the book was written, when and where the book was written, and what is special about the book. These pages, along with the devotionals, help put the books into their historical context. One of my favorite added prayer pages is the “10 commandments for kids,” which paraphrases the 10 commandments in terms tailored for children. I also liked that there was a page devoted to The Lord’s Prayer. The vast majority of the book consists of the Biblical text itself, but the occasional kid-focused devotionals, prayers, and highlighted verses make this edition extra appealing to children. If you’re looking for a kids’ New International Version Bible, this is a good pick.

You can find the Big Dreams Big Prayers Bible for Kids here on Amazon.

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