Beautiful Uncertainty: Singleness, Surrender, and Stepping Out on Faith


In Beautiful Uncertainty: Singleness, Surrender, and Stepping Out on Faith, Mandy Hale (aka “The Single Woman”) talks about navigating singleness and uncertainty and relying on God. The book is written in a friendly, down-to-earth style, and it is both inspirational and encouraging.

Beautiful Uncertainty is probably best suited for single women (who are not in relationships) in their twenties or early thirties. The author shares her own story of leaving an abusive relationship and finding deeper faith as she looks for a new relationship, while also finding joy in singleness.

I really enjoyed Hale’s stories about her different journeys in life. The book has both serious and humorous moments, and Hale writes with energy and heartfelt emotion. She not only talks about waiting for love, but also about facing rejection and break-ups. The book can apply to anyone in a stage of waiting or uncertainty.

Through the book, we learn about Hale’s relationships with people, and most importantly, her relationship with Jesus Christ. I like how the book talks about trusting in God during uncertain times and embracing life’s unpredictability. Each chapter ends with a prayer relating to one’s struggle with certainty.

You can find Beautiful Uncertainty here on Amazon.

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