Amish Sweethearts


Leslie Gould’s The Neighbors of Lancaster County series shows how the lives of Amish and Englishers intersect, causing people from completely different backgrounds to fall in love. I previously reviewed the first book of the series, Amish Promises, and Gould delivers an equally strong story with her second book, Amish Sweethearts, which focuses on the romance between the Amish woman Lila Lehman and the “Englishman” Zane Beck.

Gould nicely crafted the plot and characters. The story is an interesting examination of the choices people make – and the risks they take. I liked how Gould emphasized trusting in God and following His plan for our lives. The book has a lot of intriguing elements, and I enjoyed learning about both the Amish and English characters as their worlds overlap in Amish Sweethearts.

You can find the book here on Amazon.


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