Angels in the Bible Storybook


Angels in the Bible Storybook is a cute book written by Allia Zobel Nolan and illustrated by Alida Massari. It is 6.6 x .8 x 7.9 inches in size and is best suited for 4 – 8-year-olds. The stories are written in a simple yet descriptive manner, and an early reader will have no problem reading the text. Some of the stories include dialogue, and they would be fun for families to read together aloud.

Three of my favorite stories in the book were “When God Turned on the Light” (Genesis 1 – 2), “King Hezekiah and One Awesome Warrior” (2 Kings 18 – 19, Chronicles 29 – 32), and “Jesus is for Everybody” (Acts 10). The drawings are pretty, and they remind me of archaic paintings. I like the vibrant color scheme of the illustrations.

I think this was a great idea for a book, highligting the stories of angels in the Bible. The book will help young children familiarize themselves with the Scriptures. Though the book compiles Biblical accounts of angels, the text points to the story of Jesus, showing how he lived, and died, and saved mankind. This Bible storybook would be great tool for a Sunday school lesson, a family devotional, or a bedtime story.

You can find the book here on Amazon.


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