Interview with Gary Szenderski, author of Szen Zone

Gary Szenderski is the author of SZEN ZONE: Reaching a State of Positive Change.

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How would you describe your new book, SZEN ZONE: Reaching a State of Positive Change?

SZEN ZONE is all about getting from here to there. Most people dislike change and yet without it we fail to grow. The book highlights the power we have to make a positive difference in our own life – at the center of all change is our perspective.  The book breaks this message down into bite size, easy to read stories. My inspiration comes from years of experience in coaching, teaching and helping people and organizations through transition.

What insight do you hope people gain after reading SZEN ZONE?

I think your readers will find this an easy read that leaves them with a greater sense of purpose and hope for whatever they seek. At least that was the goal. The greatest insight would be that like our creator, we can create for ourselves our ultimate world. Change is simply a means to that end.

What led you to write a book about navigating change?

My career has been spent helping companies and organizations get through tough transitions- new products, brand or line extensions, new markets, going public etc.   What I’ve learned though this process and experience, I’ve applied to teaching at the University level and documented in this book. It’s been a recurring theme and I was able to get the message on paper.

How would you define “positive change”? 

Positive change is anything where the outcome puts us in a better place than where we started. It’s very subjective and that’s why our own approach to change can’t be a cookie cutter process. It has to be principle based where we fill in or own blanks with options and nuance built into the decisions we make.

In what ways can readers practically apply the book’s principles to their own lives?

This is the best part of the book I think. Anyone can pick up a story and find relevance and energy that they can use to apply to their own circumstance. The best part of this journey has been the response from readers. I underestimated the power that a positive story can have. The most common response I receive is that people think it’s written just for them. That tells me it works.

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You can read more about Szen Zone here on Amazon.

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