On Lone Star Trail


Amanda Cabot’s On Lone Star Trail: A Novel shows the blossoming romance between two opposites: Gillian Hodge and TJ Benjamin. Gillian was injured – and forced to end her career as a pianist – after someone’s motorcycle crashed into her. TJ, however, is a widower who lost his faith, and bought a motorcycle during his healing process, which he now rides across the country.

One thing I really liked about this book is how Cabot jumps right into the story from the very beginning; instead of first building up mundane backstories, the two protagonists meet each other in the first chapter, and the story rolls into place right away. I also liked how even though Gillian and TJ are opposites, they share the same core values. Additionally, it was great that Gillian and TJ were not only surprised by love, but they were also surprised at the changes that occurred within their own lives – and how they themselves changed.

You can find On Lone Star Trail here. 

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