My Bedtime Story Bible for Little Ones


My Bedtime Story Bible for Little Ones, written by Jean E. Syswerda and illustrated by Daniel Hogwarth, is a combination Bible storybook and bedtime storybook. Each lesson has two pages of texts, and ends with a “Tuck in” section that ties the story into a bedtime story theme. For example, the Tuck in section on Daniel says, “Are you ever afraid? Of course, you are! Ask God to be with you and keep you safe, just like he did with Daniel.” The  Tuck in section provide a good way to remind children how these stories relate to them, and prepare them for sleeptime.

The book covers stories relating to Adam and Eve, Noah, David, Daniel, Baby Jesus, Jesus calming the storm, the account of the five loaves and two fish, and The Prodigal Son. The writing is very simplistic, and like another reviewer said, probably geared for 2 – 5-year-olds; however, because the text is so basic, an early reader who is 6 or 7 years old may enjoy how he is able to read the book all by himself. One drawing in the book I really liked was David with his harp, sleeping soundly with his sheep surrounding him. The pages showing Jesus’ birth had an especially calm feeling, with Mary and Jesus snuggling and sleeping soundly.

You can find My Bedtime Story Bible for Little Ones here.

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