Sassy Sonja: Bravo Atlanta


Sassy Sonja: Bravo Atlanta by Sarah Sewell Wolters is “an exciting romance novel set in 1967 civil rights conflict.” Wolters was born in Atlanta in 1939, so the book’s Southern setting and political occurrences have an authentic feel as Sonja watches the impact of major historical events. Sassy Sonja moves with a sweet and steady pace, and I liked seeing Sonja’s growth and learning as she faced new life experiences. It was great to see Sonja stand up for racial equality; the book reminded me how much racial dynamics have changed in America in the past fifty years. Much of the book feels like a love story that could be set anywhere, and as the story progresses, Sonja gains confidence and courage, and she discovers how to handle new conflicts.

You can find Sassy Sonja: Bravo Atlanta here.

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