Forgiving My Daughter’s Killer


In 2010, 19-year-old Kate Grosmaire was shot and killed by her boyfriend. In her mother Kate Grosmaire’s book Forgiving My Daughter’s Killer: A True Story  of Loss, Faith, and Unexpected Grace, Kate tells how she and her husband were able to forgive their daughter’s murderer. (Today, Kate is an educator about restorative justice.)

The book is sobering yet hopeful. We read about the aftermath of Ann’s death and the process of restorative justice, which in this case focused on the Grosmaire’s reconcilation with the offender, Conor. Kate and her husband Andy met with Conor and his family, and through this process, they found hope and healing. Although restorative justice is not something that is appropriate for certain cases, I understand how it has been a very positive thing for the Grosmaires. Kate’s book is a testament to what a wonderful, lively, and good-hearted young woman Ann was, and though her early death was tragic, she certainly left a positive impact here on earth.

You can find Forgiving My Daughter’s Killer here.

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