One Dress. One Year.: One Girl’s Stand against Human Trafficking


One Dress. One Year.: One Girl’s Stand against Human Trafficking tells the true story of teenager Bethany Winz’ journey of wearing the same dress for an entire year to raise money and promote awareness about human trafficking, and also to direct attention toward anti-trafficking organizations such as A21 Campaign, Not for Sale, and Love146. The dress was a symbol, because just as Winz had no choice but to wear the same black dress every day, millions of people live in slavery every day and can do nothing about it. The book is written by Winz along with Susanna Foth Aughtmon in the style of a journal (e.g. “February 24, 2012, Day 45”).

Winz’ year-long “one dress, one year” activism was very bold and creative; she sewed the dress in a way that it could be worn as a standard dress or like a vest, and she often accessorized the dress with different clothing pieces to promote specific issues related to human trafficking. Human trafficking is a huge problem in our country and world, and I really admire Winz’ activism for this cause. She continues to blog at

You can find One Dress. One Year. here.

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