Under the Sea NIrV Bible


The Under the Sea Bible is a New International Reader’s Version Bible, geared for children or non-native English speakers. I like the NIrV translation, and even though the text is basic, I find that it can be enjoyed by both children and adults; some versions, such as the International Children’s Bible (ICB) are written in a very simple manner and suited for just children.

The front cover of the Bible is extremely cute, and I imagine that children would love looking at it! Though a cute cover may seem superficial, I think that if children are excited about owning a Bible, they will be more likely to read it. The drawing reminds me of God’s wonderful creation. The cover is shiny, and the fish have some sparkles on them, though the sparkles do not shed. This book features the Old Testament and New Testament along with some colorful and informative inserts about various Bible issues, such as becoming a Christian, or loving others. The text color is black, which is very easy to read; some similar Bibles, such as The Veggie Tales New International Reader’s Version Bible, have blue text color, which I find a bit harder to concentrate on.

You can find the Under the Sea NIrV Bible here.

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