101 Ways to Have Fun


101 Ways to Have Fun: Things You Can Do With Friends, Anytime! by Faithgirlz! magazine is a cute and fun guide that features creative ways for pre-teen and teen girls to have fun with their friends. Each way to have fun includes pictures along with thoughtful details on how to execute the fun idea. Some of my favorite ideas included Be a Lifesaver (learn CPR and the Heimlich manuever), Build Your Own Party Games, Do a Wardrobe Makeover, and Dream Up a Flash Mob Sing-Along.

I like this book, because it has a very positive feel, and it shows a lot of enjoyable and constructive ways to have fun. The pages resemble a magazine, and the photography is well-done. I think that parents might want to flip through the pages and evaluate the possible danger of a few of the activities, such as Set up a Stand (i.e. a lemonade stand) or Hold a Weekly Walk ‘n’ Talk (walking in the neighborhood); however, most activities listed are extremely safe. The book reminds me of the American Girl activity books I would read as a child, and I think that girls, especially pre-teen girls, will be excited to read it.

You can find 101 Ways to Have Fun here.


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