Brazen: The Courage to Find the You That’s Been Hiding be Leeana Tankersley talks about living a bold life without shame. The author draws on her own experiences to discuss how we can embrace our God-given identities. Tankersley writes in a comforting tone, and she challenges her readers to call on God to cast out their fears and live with courage. The pages are like food for the soul. I especially liked the chapter “See the Pepper Tree,” which points out that sometimes people are “convinced that our life is out there somewhere and we must go out and take hold of it…when in fact, our life is right here waiting for us to notice it.” Brazen would be a good match for female readers who are looking for a book with self-help elements and Christian themes. Tankersley’s book is uplifting, and it spurs readers to be more assertive, brave, and brazen.

You can find Brazen here.

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