Hope Heals


Hope Heals: A True Story of Overwhelming Loss and Overcoming Love by Katherine and Jay Wolf tells the story of how this married couple persevered after the wife, Katherine, suffered a life-changing massive brain stem stroke. The Wolfs’ faith and courage is very inspirational, and I know that this book will be a great encouragement to many people.

I loved reading Katherine and Jay’s story, from their meeting at college, to the arrival of their son, to their facing huge obstacles with patience and grace. The book also taught me a lot about massive brain stem strokes. Hope Heals is written from the alternating first-person narrative of Katherine and Jay, and I enjoyed hearing both of their perspectives. The Wolfs do not sugarcoat their story, and they present real and raw emotions. The color photographs of the Wolf family inserted in the middle of the book were a nice touch, showing some important milestones in Katherine and Jay’s lives. Hope Heals shows how hope not only heals people during hardship, but that sometimes, hope is born out of hardship.

You can find Hope Heals here.

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