Zeal Without Burnout


Zeal Without Burnout: Seven keys to a lifelong ministry of sustainable sacrifice by Christopher Ash reminds Christians that even though we may have tremendous zeal in our ministries, we also have limits as human beings. In the book, Ash talks about the various ways in which different people overwork themselves, and he discusses key ways to avoid this burnout. I like how the author emphasizes the need for friends and rest. I found the chapter by Dr. Steve Midgley to be very helpful; he delves into what burnout is, what warning signs to look for, and practical steps to take to avoid burnout. In many circles, overworking and constantly being extremely busy is seen as a positive thing – something to brag about. This book wisely points out the flaws in being overzealous to the point of breakdown, suggesting how we can have zeal without burnout.

You can find Zeal Without Burnout here.

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