Mantra Design


Mantra Design – Innovate, Buy or Die!: Discover the Secrets for Profitable and Lasting Innovation by Dana A. Oliver discusses ways to improve business leadership skills and customer satisfaction. With chapters focusing on mantras such as “Become the Product!” and “Learn Your Customer’s World!” the author shares informative tips and innovative strategies. I especially liked Chapter 6, “Fall Forward with a Fast Approach”; among many things, the chapter talks about not being afraid to fail. I also liked how Oliver discussed how to make “stand-out” products in Chapter 11. The book is written with a tone of zeal and passion for business.

You can find Mantra Design here.

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  1. Dear OakTreeReviews,
    I simply wanted to say thank-you for your review and inspiring words for Mantra Design – Innovate, Buy, or Die! I love the review and I would welcome any follow interviews or discussions.
    Dana A Oliver
    Author of Mantra Design

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