Someone Like You


Someone Like You: A Novel by Victoria Bylin is a fictional story focusing on Zeke Monroe, who runs a hotel, and Julia Dare, an event planner Zeke briefly dated years ago. Back then, Zeke was a devout Christian who was “missionary dating” Julia. But now, the tables have turned; Julia is a Christian, and Zeke has lost his faith. To add to the complications of the story, Julia is a single mom, and her son’s father is the narcissistic Hunter Adams, a lawyer that Julia left Zeke for (and someone who Zeke can’t stand).

Sometimes when I read a fictional story, I recognize that the book is well-written, but I don’t particularly enjoy it. But this was not the case with Someone With You. I loved reading this book, and I would like to read more books by this author. I liked how Zeke wasn’t just a cliche leading man; he had quirks. And I liked how the book (possible spoilers ahead!) didn’t only feature a love story between Zeke and Julia, but also between Ellen and George, characters of an older generation. Additionally, the book values important traits in significant others, such as kindness, while showing the impact that Hunter’s narcissism has on Julia and Max. All in all, Someone Like You sends important messages – and it’s fun to read.

You can find Someone Like You here.


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