How Do I Love Thee?: A Devotional Journal for Wives


How Do I Love Thee?: A Devotional Journal for Wives by Jennifer Flanders features devotional pages with journaling activities, complemented by Bible verses and quaint old-fashioned drawings. How Do I Love Thee is a neat concept for a book; it is similar in form to a “baby book,” but instead of recording your baby’s milestones, it functions as a way to record events relating to your marriage. Some pages serve as spaces to jot down fond memories, such as special outings and date nights, whereas other pages serve as opportunities to study Scriptures related to marriage. Page 126, for example, focuses on God’s promises regarding prayer, and it lists five relevant Bible verses to look up and write down.

I found How Do I Love Thee to be a fun activity book. One of my favorite pages in the book is “All the Details,” where you can record where you went on your first date, what you wore, what you thought, etc. I also liked the part of the book entitled “The Early Years,” with pages devoted to things such as your family’s first car, newlywed adventures you had together, and your favorite way to start the day.

You can find How Do I Love Thee here.

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