Sea Rose Lane


Sea Rose Lane: A Hope Harbor Novel by Irene Shannon follows Eric Nash, a recently-fired lawyer who returns to Hope Harbor, finds out that his childhood home is being turned into a bed and breakfast, and meets a pretty architect named BJ Stevens.

Like the book’s precursor, Hope Harbor, this novel showcases Hannon’s savvy writing skills. The dialogue is well-written, and the lead characters take part in witty repartee. Hannon’s description allows the reader to really get inside the characters’ heads. Even though most readers of romance novels would assume that the two main characters will get together at the end of this novel, there is still a cute “will they, won’t they” feel during their interactions. I also liked the Christian elements woven throughout the story. Eric and BJ each have struggles and imperfections, but their imperfections make them human and interesting, and turn them into well-rounded characters.

You can find Sea Rose Lane here.

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