All Summer Long


In Melody Carlson’s All Summer Long, Tia D’Amico moves to San Francisco to help her aunt convert a luxury yacht into a floating restaurant. But she is surprised to find out that the yacht’s captain, Leo Parker, is her former crush. Unfortunately, Leo is engaged to someone else, a woman named Natalie.

All Summer Long is a nice book of escapism, where the characters’ problems are significant, but not terrible. I like how the book not only examines Tia’s relationship with Leo, but also shows her friendship with female characters. Many readers will find the seaside setting to be sweet and idyllic. Tia and Leo’s was relationship was interesting to observe because not only was he once her crush, but [spoiler alert], when they meet again, their relationship progresses somewhat slowly because of Leo’s engagement to Natalie. One of the strengths of the book is its dialogue; when Tia and Leo speak, their words come across as very natural and realistic.

You can find All Summer Long here.

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