The Dog That Whispered


Jim Kraus’ novel, The Dog That Whispered, focuses on Wilson Steele; he is a professor, Vietnam veteran, and a bachelor. Wilson’s mother, Gretna, wants him to marry and have children, but Wilson thinks it’s too late. But, after Gretna gives Wilson a dog named Thurman, something mysterious happens: Wilson thinks that the dog’s growls may actually be words, and that the dog is talking to him! Furthermore, the dog is supposedly saying that Wilson will have children in the future. Meanwhile, Wilson is becoming more social with other people, and is getting to know Emily, a widow with three children.

I liked Wilson’s character, and his quirks and slight social ineptness made him endearing. I also liked watching Wilson grow socially as he began to reach out to others. The story is a happy one, and there’s something very charming about a dog that may be talking to its owner. Wilson’s mother wanting him to settle down is a relatable premise, and it was nice seeing a relatable storyline turned into a unique tale with the inclusion of a talking dog.

You can find The Dog That Whispered here.

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