The Look and Tell Bible


The Look and Tell Bible: Hear the Story, See the Picture, Say it Myself! is one of my favorite children’s books of the year. The book briefly covers the stories of Creation, Noah’s Ark, Joseph, Moses, David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, Jesus’ birth, The Feeding of the 5,000, the Good Samaritan, and Easter. The illustrations are adorable, and the with big, round heads for their cartoon bodies, the characters look like cute bobbleheads. The pages are very colorful, and the book is formatted in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This is a book I would give to someone as a gift.

On the left side of each page, the authors show pictures of different Bible characters and objects (in page one, some of the pictures are Adam, Eve, earth, moon, plants, and animals). The right side of the page includes easy-to-read text, and some of the words are substituted with pictures from the key. For example, one sentence says, “He put them on earth to live, and he had a day of rest,” but instead of the word “earth,” we see the picture of the earth from the key. I imagine that children who cannot read yet will love looking at the pictures and filling in the words. The recommended age range on Amazon is 4 – 8, though I think that toddlers would also enjoy being read this children’s Bible.

You can find The Look and Tell Bible here.

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