Go Big or Go Home


Go Big or Go Home: Journey Toward the Dream by Scotty McCreery tells the story of McCreery’s win on the tenth season of American Idol and his afterward fame. The book is written with Travis Thrasher. Though I was familiar with McCreery prior to this book, I had never watched him on American Idol or listened to many of his songs, so it was nice to learn a lot about the country music singer through this memoir.

Throughout Go Big or Go Home, McCreery talks about the convictions of his faith, and one part of the book that really stuck out to me was when McCreery refused to sing a song from an X-rated movie on American Idol. McCreery comes across as someone with strong values and a good relationship with his family. The collection of color photographs in the middle of the book was a nice touch; the set included childhood photos of McCreery, pictures of his grandparents, and shots of McCreery performings.

The book encouraged me to look up Scotty McCreery songs, and some of my favorites were “The Trouble with Girls” and “Water Tower Town.” Go Big or Go Home will probably appeal the most to fans of McCreery – or American Idol – because the book gives a lot of behind-the-scenes details about his time on the show.

You can find Go Big or Go Home here.

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