Chakana, a novel written by W. E. Lawrence, is set in 1939, and focuses on the British secret agent Jason Fleming, who searches for Incan treasure in Peru along with his love interest, American policewoman Kate Rhodes. I inititally gravitated towards the book because the cover reminded me a bit of Indiana Jones. However, even though Chakana shares some plot similarities with Indiana Jones (such as archaeology, treasure-hunting, and Nazis), Chakana is very much its own story.

The text has plenty of action and adventure, along with mystery and romance (and unfortunately, sexual content). I like how Jason has a real purpose in Peru; he isn’t just searching for treasure for his own gain, but to catch an international artifacts smuggler. If Jason doesn’t succeed, the smuggler will find gold, invest in the Third Reich, and the Allies may lose the war.

You can find Chakana here.

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