To Follow Her Heart: A Novel


In Rebecca DeMarino’s novel To Follow Her Heart, it’s 1664, and Patience Terry thinks that her great love, Captain Jeremy Horton, has died at sea…only to find out that he’s alive! True to her name, Patience is a very patient (and kind) woman, and because of Jeremy’s obligations, getting together with him does not prove to be easy.

To Follow Her Heart includes a lot of historical references (i.e. smallpox is a threat), so it’s a good book for readers looking for a historical fiction novel set in the 1660s in Long Island. For those of you who have read DeMarino’s other books in The Southold Chronicles (A Place in His Heart and To Capture Her Heart), you  may be happy to learn that the major characters in those novels reappear as minor characters in this book.

You can find To Follow Her Heart here.

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