I Wish He Had Come With Instructions


I Wish He Had Come with Instructions: The Woman’s Guide to a Man’s Brain by Mike Bechtle is a book that discusses how husbands and wives can better understand each other and improve communication.

I believe that the book is best suited for women who are in relationships with good, honest men with high character, because even though Bechtle’s advice regarding the differences between men and women is great, it would not be applicable for a woman married to a lousy person.

I like how the book stresses that even though men and women’s differences should be celebrated, we should also take note of their similarities; Bechtle’s chapter “Men Are From Earth, Women Are From Earth” reminds us that both men and women want to loved, respected, valued, encouraged, shown commitment, etc.

Some readers may find that the type of men described in this book may not be like the men in their own lives. For example, in the section How to Speak Male (Part Two), some of Bechtle’s communication strategies may not apply to everyone. And it’s okay to find things in a relationship book that don’t fit your own relationship. Bechtle delivers a lot of good advice, and just like in his book You Can’t Text a Tough Conversation, he shows that real communication is vital in a relationship.

You can find I Wish He Had Come with Instructions here.

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