Outlaw Christian


What is “outlaw Christianity”? According to Jaqueline A. Bussie, it’s a new, life-giving faith for those who ache for a more authentic relationship with God and other people by no longer having to hide their doubt, anger, grief, scars, or questions. And it’s an honest, outide-the-law faith for those seeking a hope that really speaks to the world’s hurt.

In Bussie’s book, Outlaw Christian: Finding Authentic Faith by Breaking the “Rules,” Bussie presents different “laws” that some Christians adhere to, such as “Never get mad,” “Never tell your real story. Vulnerability is weakness,” and “Don’t doubt.” She then explores why these laws don’t have to be laws at all – for example, having doubt can lead to having deep faith.

One of the greatest parts of the book is when Bussie differentiates between happiness and joy, emphasizing that joy is something that can be present even when circumstances are less than ideal. Outlaw Christian shows that faith is not always simple, but sometimes messy. Questions about faith, God, and life are often hard to answer, and the book reflects on how uncertainty is often a stepping stone to deeper understanding.

You can find Outlaw Christian here.

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