Jesus Talked to Me Today


Children’s accounts of experiencing Heaven have been recorded in books such as Miracles from Heaven and Heaven is for Real. On a similar note, Jesus Talked to Me Today: True Stories of Children’s Encounters with Angels, Miracles, and God features inspirational stories about children talking to Jesus.

The book includes over forty essays compiled by James Stuart Bell, who also wrote one of the essays, about experiencing Jesus’ light and love as a child. Some of the essays are written by the parents of the children, whereas others are written by adults recounting childhood or teenage experiences. In one of the accounts, “My Angel Watching My Heart,” Marie Weaver tells the story of her son Sean’s open heart surgery; Sean said he was not scared during surgery, because an angel was holding his hand. Though the essays sometimes reflect the authors’ pain and sadness, the book is ultimately uplifting, showing that the world may sometimes seem dark and dismal, but the world is also full of the hope.

You can find Jesus Talked to Me Today here. 

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