Kings or Pawns


Kings or Pawns: The Kings, Book I is a novel of political intrigue set in a fantasy world – in the corrupt city of Elvorium. The brave and tenacious Hairem has recently become King of the elven world on Sevrigel, but when his city is threatened by an assasin, a warlord, and immense danger, Hairem must choose the correct course of action as King. Set against the backdrop of Sherwood’s majestic fantasy world, Kings or Pawns would be a good fit for fans of Lord of the Rings series. The epic novel includes plenty of action and adventure, and both the plot and characters have been formed with impeccable detail.

You can find Kings or Pawns here. If you would like to enter the Kings or Pawns giveaway to win a signed hardcover copy of the book, you can visit the Rafflecopter page here.

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