With All Due Respect


With All Due Respect: 40 Days to a More Fulfilling Relationship with Your Teens & Tweens is a parenting book written by Nina Roesner and Debbie Hitchcock. The book is divided into forty chapters, each focusing on a different “dare,” such as Avoid the Blame Game, Coach Your Kids on Navigating Conflict, and Deal with the Person Before the Issue. The authors focus on fostering communication, showing love, and healthily parenting teenagers as they make the transition from children to young adults.

Each chapter starts with a story about a different (anonymous) family – such as the mother who was preoccupied with what others thought of her parenting – and then the authors use each story to illustrate their main point of the chapter. Unlike parenting books which are designed for parents of troubled teens, With All Due Respect would be most applicable to parents of teens who exhibit little or no rebellious behavior. The book is not about changing a teen’s behavior, but rather about changing a parent’s perspective.

You can find the book here.

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