My Life in Japan: The Comic Book


Grace Buchele Mineta’s newest comic book, My Life in Japan, is a cute collection of comics based on the author’s life. Grace is originally from Texas, and her husband, Ryosuke, is from Japan; the two met while in college in Pennsylvania, and now live in the Japanese countryside. Through her comic books, blog, and YouTube channel, Grace talks about her experiences in Japan – discussing culture, relationships, food, work, and everyday activities.

My Life in Japan: The Comic Book is full funny and sweet moments from Grace and Ryosuke’s lives, often relating to Grace’s experiences as a white American woman living in Japan. In one comic, Grace overhears two children commenting that she doesn’t look like a human; but as the children continue talking, they go on to say that she doesn’t look like a human because she’s so pretty – like a real, living doll!

The comics are well-illustrated and witty, and Grace’s drawing style is captivating. A strong component of Grace’s storytelling is that the comics are nicely paced, moving the story along at a skillfully crafted speed. Whether she’s drawing comics, writing blogs, or filming vlogs, Grace Mineta successfully delivers entertaining content.

You can find My Life in Japan: The Comic Book here.

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