God Bless My Friends


God Bless My Friends, written by Hannah C. Hall and illustrated by Steve Whitlow, is a children’s book showing the importance of friendship. The book points out that even though we have our differences with others, we can still be great friends. The pages feature pairs of unlikely friends (such as a raccoon and a pig) having fun together.

One of the cutest pictures shows a duckling and a panda, carrying a treasure map into enchanting woods. The drawings have a soft and gentle look to them. The book contains twenty pages, and each set of two pages has an illustration and a quatrain of poetry. In all of the poems, the second and fourth verses rhyme. One set of pages showcases the illustration of a giraffe helping a mouse reach an apple, along with the verses, “I need an itty-bitty boost. I’m just a tad too small. But it seems we’re a perfect team[,] ‘Cause you’re a tad too tall!” The poems have a “cutesy” feel.

God Bless My Friends is a board book. The pages are somewhat thin compared to some board books, and they are easy to wipe clean. The dimensions of the book are 8 x .5 x 8 inches.

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