NIV Faith & Work Bible


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The NIV Faith & Work Bible is a New International Version Bible with supplemental materials edited by David H. Kim. The Bible features 66 book introductions that discuss how each book of the Bible relates to faith and work, along with many other excerpts, such as “Deeper at Work” stories that talk about how individuals overcame trials in their lives through God. The book also includes a 31-day devotional journey through the Scriptures that helps readers grasp the Bible’s overarching storyline.

The text is pleasing to look at. The main text color is black (with green chapter headings) and the fonts are serifed. The book consists of 1,610 pages, plus eight pages of relevant color maps. The pages containing Biblical chapters are textually arranged in a three-column format, with two big columns of Biblical text per page, and one slim column of footnotes sandwiched between them. It is a somewhat heavy Bible – weighing over three pounds – so it is easier to use at a desk than to carry to church. The people who will be most interested in this book are those who are intrigued by the faith and work theme and are looking for a New International Version Bible.

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