The No Black Project


Numba Pinkerton’s book The No Black Project: The Life Changing Way to Create an Effortless Mix and Match Wardobe helps individuals develop a good wardrobe without heavily relying on the color black. The book has a nice selection of fashion tips, and Pinkerton’s focus on reducing your reliance on black gives the book a unique spin. Numba is a model and stylist, and as she shares her advice and ideas, it is quite evident that fashion is her forte.

Pinkerton tells the reader a great deal of information relating to color palettes – and how individiuals can choose the right shades for themselves. Some of the most interesting parts of the book are when Pinkerton goes into depth talking about sunlight shades, moonlight shades, and universal shades. The book is enhanced by many helpful charts and pictures that show color palettes and clothing options. One of the book’s excellent resources is a listing of forty essential wardrobe pieces, with pictures and detailed descriptions for each piece. If someone is wanting to revamp their wardrobe, these forty pieces would be a good place to start.

At one point in the book, Pinkerton says, “Most women have plenty of clothes in their wardrobes, yet still struggle to get dressed in the morning.” This statement is so true – and it is also why books like The No Black Project are so valuable. Pinkerton’s book provides useful information, and her ideas are easy to apply to your own wardrobe.

You can find The No Black Project here on Amazon.

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