Dynomike: Back to School


Dynomike: Back to School, written by Frankie B. Rabbit and illustrated by Lou Francis Isip, is a delightful children’s book about an energetic and imaginative dinosaur named Dynomike. The story follows Dynomike on his first day of school, as he overcomes his fears, makes new friends, and realizes that he doesn’t have to “fit in” – instead, he can be unique and stand out!

The book has a nice rhyme scheme, with endearing lines such as, “Decisions, decisions, he cares what he wears. He’s scared to be stared at, with even his bear.” The drawings are presented in a cute minimalistic manner, and Isip draws Dynomike in a charming way – with boots, a backwards cap, and a duck-themed vest.

This would be a fun book for parents to read aloud with their children, especially if their kiddos are feeling nervous about their first day of school. Dynomike’s fears and concerns – such as what he should wear, or whether his classmates will like him – are easy for kids to relate to. The story delivers a very positive message, showing children that it is perfectly normal to be scared in new situations.

Frankie B. Rabbit is not only an author, but also a hip-hop artist and rapper, and the book has a nice mix of silliness and sincerity. At its core, Dynomike is a heartwarming story.

You can find Dynomike: Back to School here on Amazon.

Dynomike: Back to School is part of the Dynomike series. Rabbit’s other books are Dynomike: Happy Shoes and Dynomike: Come At Me, Bro, the latter of which addresses the topic of bullying.

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