Deborah Rising: A Novel Inspired by the Bible


Avraham Azrieli’s Deborah Rising: A Novel Inspired by the Bible is a compelling book about the rise of the Biblical prophet and judge Deborah. This historical fiction novel gives the reader a good background of the social and political climate during Deborah’s time, as Azrieli takes the Biblical account of Deborah and turns it into a fleshed-out story full of suspenseful adventure. Azrieli skillfully crafts Deborah as a well-rounded character, whose intelligence and empathy make her a strong leader.

Deborah’s story is easy to relate to, and though she lived long ago, her struggles against sexism are still very relevant in modern society and will no doubt resonate with today’s readers. The book is a page-turner, perhaps because there are no lulls or mundane chapters; the story’s action moves at a nice pace. Azrieli is a gifted writer, and his rich description and engaging dialogue bring the story of Deborah to life.

You can find Deborah Rising here on Amazon.

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