Christmas Quiet


It’s hard not to love Christmas Quiet: Receiving the Gift of His Presence: A 25 Day Devotional Coloring Book by Maisie Sparks and Lauren Younis. The illustrations look beautiful – even before they have been colored in! Each day features a written devotion and a coloring page. Oak Tree Reviews would recommend this coloring over A Very Blessed Christmas Coloring Book by Robin Mead.

Every drawing page has an elaborate illustration with overlayed block letters – one illustration, for example, has Christmas cottages, Christmas trees, a giant sun, and the words “His light shines in the darkness.” The pages look very artistic, and each one reiterates that day’s important devotional message. One of the most quaint illustrations contains a brick house, picket fence, a majestic background of stars, snowflakes, and swirls, and words referencing Relevation 3:20.

The devotions have a recurrent theme of waiting on the Lord. Spark’s words are insightful, as she guides the reader through a time of learning and prayer and asks important questions relating to a person’s walk with God.

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