Dynomike: Happy Shoes


Dynomike: Happy Shoes by Frankie B. Rabbit is a cute children’s book that sends a positive lesson about altruism.  The story focuses on a thoughtful young dinosaur named Dynomike, who is having a hard time deciding what shoes to wear. Dynomike has an extensive shoe collection, but he comes to realize that collecting shoes will not make him happy. However, by sharing his shoes with others, Dynomike can help those less fortunate than himself and impact their lives for the better.

Rabbit is a rapper and hip-hop artist, and he incorporates a sleek rhyming style into this story, with lines such as, “My friends could use shoes. I have nothing to lose! This pair and that pair. I have some to spare.” Lou Francis Isip draws Dynomike in an endearing way – with boots, a backwards cap, and a duck-themed vest. The book’s minimalistic drawings match the theme of the story: less is more.

Kids will enjoy looking at the creative kinds of shoes that Dynomike shares with his friends, from shoes with bronze flares to shoes with oblong squares. But more than that, kids will learn a valuable lesson from the book; Rabbit shows the importance of being altruistic and sharing what we have with others. Dynomike’s story may spark conversations on how families can help those in need. The book demonstrates that a simple act of kindness can make a world of difference.

You can find Dynomike: Happy Shoes here on Amazon.

Dynomike: Happy Shoes is part of the Dynomike series. Rabbit’s other books are Dynomike: Back to School and Dynomike: Come At Me, Bro

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