Ms. Pearl Makes a Discovery


Ms. Pearl Makes a Discovery is a delightfully informative children’s book written by Christina Washington and illustrated by ShaTamber Wade. Washington is the founder of Young Scholars, a program that promotes academic achievement in STEM while increasing awareness of STEM careers, and this educational book certainly helps further Young Scholars’ mission.

Washington’s story is about a group of inquisitive animals who are taught a science lesson by the lively Ms. Pearl. The book shows children that science can be fun, and it also demonstrates that it is natural for girls to enjoy science and be skilled at learning scientific things. Furthermore, the book conveys that it is good to follow your personal interests; Alex the Alligator, for example, is excited to learn about science, but he also loves painting pictures of nature.

Wade’s drawings have a cute, cheery look to them, and the book has an optimistic feel. Specifically, children will learn more about carbon dioxide through Ms. Pearl’s experiment, but in general, the story reiterates the idea that science is an enjoyable pursuit. Ms. Pearl even compares her science experiment to a “magic show,” showing that learning a science lesson is like embarking on a new adventure.

You can find Ms. Pearl Makes a Discovery here on Amazon.

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