Dynomike: Friendsgiving


Dynomike: Friendsgiving is a colorful Thanksgiving themed children’s book, written by Frankie B. Rabbit and illustrated by Lou Francis Isip. The book focuses on a young dinosaur named Dynomike, and three of his friends – Spunky, Winky Pinky, and Jack Brussels.

Dynomike’s friends are excited about Thanksgiving, and they gush about the food they are going to eat. Dynomike, however, feels sad, because his mom is going through financial problems, which means there will be no festive Thanksgiving dinner. Fortunately, Dynomike’s friends save the day by showing up at his house and bringing their own special version of a Thanksgiving feast: pizza, meatballs, and pecan pie.

Rabbit is a professional rapper, and the book’s poetic rhymes feel like hip-hop verses for children, with lines like, “I brought your favorite pizza topped with cherry pops! A pizza topped with smelly socks! And a pizza for Dyno-Mom / topped with lox and veggie crops.” The book would be best suited for children ages three to nine.

Dynomike: Friendsgiving has a positive, upbeat feel, and the book shows that Thanksgiving is ultimately about being grateful and having fellowship with others. Through the story of Dynomike and his friends, Rabbit sends an essential yet oft-forgotten message: it is more important to give than to receive.

You can find Dynomike: Friendsgiving here on Amazon.

Dynomike: Friendsgiving is part of Frankie B. Rabbit’s Dynomike series. Other titles in the series include Dynomike: Back to School, Dynomike: Happy Shoes, and Dynomike: Come At Me, Bro. If you’re contemplating which one to read first, Oak Tree Reviews recommends starting with Dynomike: Back to School.

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