Yoga and Meditation Coloring Book for Adults


Yoga and Meditation Coloring Book for Adults by ArtsON Media is a creative adult coloring book that features ornately decorated yoga poses and mandalas. The designs are intricately detailed, and even before they have been colored in, the pages look very pretty. Most of the coloring pages incorporate both a yoga pose and ornamental mandelas, and they are formatted in an aesthetically appealing manner. This is not a coloring book for children, and some of the drawings are a bit risqué.

The book may be especially of interest to “yogis” and Hindus, since it features many yoga and Hindu-inspired coloring pages. It is an innovative book, because it combines two things that are trendy right now: yoga and coloring pages geared toward adults. Both yoga and art tend to be relaxing activities, and the pages definitely have a relaxing feel. This book may be a good choice for someone who is looking for a soothing activity. The book covers a variety of yoga stances – and will perhaps inspire its users to get up and exercise!

An intriguing aspect of the book is that many of its cartoon yogis have unique hairstyles to color – some are long, some are braided, and some are fashioned in cute “updos.” One of Oak Tree’s favorite pages features a large mandala resembling a giant sun, complemented by two small flowers. The swirls and patterns in all of the pages have a smooth, suave flow, and the creators did a good job adding designs to the bodies; it often appears as if the yogis are wearing decorative clothing. Individuals may want to use crayons or watercolor pencils to color in the beautiful pages.

You can find Yoga and Meditation Coloring Book for Adults here on Amazon.

ArtsON Media has also published many other coloring books, including Venice Coloring Book for Adults, 101 Mandalas, Beautiful Flowers, Anti-Stress Patterns, and Color Me Smart.

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