Photographs from the Edge


Photographs from the Edge: A Master Photographer’s Insights on Capturing an Extraordinary World is a collection of photographs and commentary by Art Wolfe, showcasing pictures of people, animals, and habitats around the globe.

The most captivating photograph is probably the one on the cover, catching a breath-taking and beautiful scene. Other attention-grabbing photos include a stunning iceberg in Iceland and an adorable bunch of King Penguins in a snowstorm in South Georgia Island. And Wolfe’s photograph of the New World bald-headed uakari, with its vibrant pink face and glaring eyes, comes across as both beautiful and chilling.

The styles of photographs differ greatly throughout the book, which is why Oak Tree Reviews suggests previewing pictures from the book on a retail site prior to buying it. Customers should be aware that some of the photographs of groups of people from various cultures contain nudity.

Wolfe arranges his pictures by the month and year they were taken, and they span in time from November 1983 to January 2015. Besides presenting the collection of photographs, Wolfe also gives background information on each of the photos, as well as advice on how to capture great shots. Through reading Wolfe’s content, you may learn many new things about world cultures and wildlife.

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