Whatever is Lovely


Whatever is Lovely: A 90-Day Devotional Journal is a Christian devotional by Allia Zobel Nolan.

Who is the book geared to? It’s hard to say. Whatever is Lovely is published by faithgirlz, which is written for a 9 to 12-year-old girl audience. However, the book does talk about a few “older” topics, such as underage drinking, sexual immorality, and “sex appeal.” Some parents may encourage their 9-year-old to read about these topics, whereas other parents will want to shield their 12-year-olds from reading about them. Additionally, the sections that talk about things such as obsessing over weight and wearing modest clothes are more often concerns of a 12-year-old (or teenager) than a 9-year-old. But the style in which Zobel Nolan writes – and the way she phrases her words and her stories – is definitely geared for tweens instead of tweens.

The text is printed in purple, and the content has a “hip and cool” feeling to it, as if you are reading a tween magazine. The book seems as if it is written for a certain type of tween: perhaps one that loves hanging out with friends, texting, and going to the mall.

Each of the 90 days of devotions expands upon a particular Biblical passage, relating it to real-life analogies. Zobel Nolan’s content is very Bible-based, and at the end of each devotion, the author has included a journaling section where the reader can write her own thoughts about that day’s passage.

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