Made for a Purpose


Made for a Purpose is a beautiful children’s book written and illustrated by Kristie Wilde, reminding children how God wonderfully and purposefully made His creation. It is the first book in the Joyful Creation Series.

The drawings – which show the animals in their natural habitats – are simply beautiful, resembling scenic paintings on canvas. The eighteen pages of illustrations showcase mountains, beavers, ducks, frogs, woodpeckers, turtles, fish, chipmonks, and humans. Made for a Purpose is a nice book for nature lovers; it has a very calm and serene feel.

Besides sending a positive Christian message, the book is also educational for children. Wilde writes, “He made the beaver with long teeth, that grow super they can chew down trees to build their houses!” and “He gave ducks webbed feet and waterproof feathers…so they can spend all day swimming and snacking in the water!”

The book would make a great gift for a young child. Reading the book aloud to a group of children would also be a good way to start off a Sunday School lesson introducing Psalm 139:14, which states, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

You can find Made for a Purpose here on Amazon.

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