Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry


Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry (written by Corine Hyman and illustrated by Almar Denso) is a kid’s Kindle book that discusses how to confront feelings of anger in a healthy and practical way, while maintaining a Christ-like attitude. Corine Hyman is a clinical psychologist, and she uses her expertise (both in psychology and in writing) to craft a thoughftul and important story. Throughout the book, the main character, Tay, talks about different situations that make her angry, and Tay’s mother uses the Bible to teach her how to respond to these situations in a mature, Godly way. Hyman also incorporates Scripture verses to further illustrate how to respond to anger. This is an excellent story for parents and children to read together, and it also makes a great Sunday school lesson!

You can find the Kindle book here on Amazon.

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