Book of Lists for Pregnancy and Baby


The Bump Book of Lists for Pregnancy and Baby by Carley Roney is a pregnancy guidebook.

The back flap calls this book, “The only book you need for pregnancy and baby’s arrival.” Though this book is resourceful, it is not an end-all, be-all pregnancy guide. You should take some of the advice with a grain of salt – and ask your pediatrician about any medical information provided in the book. The book was not designed to be a medical journal. It is an overall pregnancy guide, covering a lot of different issues in small amounts.

Roney talks about screening tests such as amnioscentesis, and mentions that there are risks – but she does not go into detail about these risks, which include miscarriage. In the section where she talks about fetal alcohol syndrome, Roney says, “Sure, you can take a sip or two of champagne at that New Year’s party, but otherwise, it’s imperative to hold off until the baby is here.” But be forewarned – the American Academy of Pediatrics states that no amount of alcohol should be considered safe during pregnancy.


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