Treasures in Dark Places


In Leanna Cinquanta’s Treasures in Dark Places, the author talks about her missionary work in India, sharing stories of perspective-altering moments and the people she fostered friendships with. One of the best parts in the book is when Cinquanta paraphrases what some of the Indians who had come to Christ said to her. “No foreigner ever loved us this way,” they had said. “So,” they continued, “you aren’t a foreigner, you’re one of us.” Cinquanta also tells tales from her childhood and young adulthood in the States, which gives the book a sense of wholeness.

Oak Tree’s Book Club Discussion Questions for Treasures in Dark Places

  1. Who or what are “treasures in dark places”?
  2. Which person was most memorable in the story – and why?
  3. As Cinquanta tells her story, she writes with vivid description. How would you characterize her writing style?
  4. What can we do to help fight human trafficking?

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