Noah, Noah, What Do You See?


Noah, Noah, What Do You See? is a children’s book written by Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson and illustrated by Melissa Iwai.

The verses use a simple rhyme scheme, so the book would be best for young children who would enjoy and benefit from repetition. The repetition also makes the book fun to read aloud.

The first page reads, “Adam, Adam, what do you see? I see creation all around me.” It also includes the reference verse of Genesis 2:4-25. Each page continues with this same theme (e.g. David, David, what do you see? I see a giant charging toward me) until the very end, when the authors nicely tie the book together with the lines, “Jesus, Jesus, what do You see? I see Adam, Noah, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Daniel, Esther, Jonah, Mary, Zacchaeus, Peter, Paul, and a little child – all seeking Me. That’s what I see!”  The ending is clever, as it recaps all of the Biblical characters mentioned in the book, and reaffirms Jesus’ unyielding love for mankind.

Although the pages in the book allude to well-known Biblical stories rather than retell them, children who are familiar with Bible stories will easily be able to understand what is going on in each page.

Noah, Noah, What Do You See? is published by Tommy Nelson. Its ISBN-10 is 0718089499.

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