Cherish: The One Word That Changes Everything by Gary Thomas shows the powerful impact of cherishing your spouse. Oak Tree Reviews has critiqued many marriage books, and this is one of the good ones! Mediocre marriage books often just throw in a few things about love and communication and call it a day, but Thomas’ advice is insightful and practical. A nice touch is that the author uses real-life stories of married couples to illustrate some of his points. Included below is a list of book discussion questions written by Oak Tree Reviews.

Oak Tree Reviews’ Book Discussion Questions

  1. On page 122, in the section “This Way, Hon,” Thomas talks about how a couple continually evolves as their lives change, using a story from his own marriage as an example. What is one way that your marriage has evolved throughout the years?
  2. On page 178, Thomas talks about making your spouse’s dreams comes true, and gives the example of secretly saving up money for a decade for a trip to Europe. If you secretly saved money for a trip – and then surprised your spouse ten years later, do you think they would be happily surprised, or irritated that you had kept mum about it?
  3. Do you see any similarities in Gary and Lisa’s marriage to your own?
  4. What are some ways that you can cherish your spouse?

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